As a true review site, we will of course also start our shop section with kind of a review of our recommended sex toys site budgetbdsmtoys.com. We say "kind of a review" because budgetbdsmtoys.com is owned by the same company as bestporncastingsites.com, so it would not be 100% fair to make a traditional review. Now that you know we have some shared interest with budgetbdsmtoys.com, we would like to tell you a little more about budgetbdsmtoys.com and why we honestly think it´s a good sex toy shop.

Even the name BudgetBDSMToys indicates a store, that mainly sell BDSM equipment, you will also find a wide variety of classic sex toys. The idea about and concept for budgetbdsmtoys.com came back in 2014, as we often bought sex and BDSM toys for our different websites. We often had the feeling that many sex toys and specially the more niche related ones, was either way to expensive or simply of a poor quality. What to do when thinking a certain market could need some more competition? Start your own business of course! So we started to write down the good and bad each time we purchased a sex toy related product for one of our websites. We quickly found a few brands where we thought there was a fair match between price and quality.